African Dance Party at the American School

I4A girls getting ready for performance at the American International School.

The African Dance Party at the American International School was a success and so fun, thanks to the Community Service Student Volunteers at the American International School and their sponsor, Robin Pascucci. And big thanks to AISB for stressing the importance of community service and hosting related events.

We started the evening with a performance by the Instruments 4 Africa Dance Troupe. They were so happy to wear their new costumes (thank you, Suzan) and share the traditional songs & dances they have been learning. Next came a dance lesson for the elementary kids from the American School, their parents and several teachers. The lessons were taught by the I4A girls troupe Malian Dance Coach, Lassy Kone. Thank you, Lassy! Great job by Lassy and the I4A girls…engaging the group and creating community through music and dance. We closed the evening with a community dance circle and gave everyone a chance to share their moves in the center of the circle. It was definitely one of the best times so far this year. So much laughter and joy! We all left with huge smiles. I am reminded of the power of music as a means of self-expression, relating to others and finding fulfillment.

In the upcoming weeks, I will be introducing each of the girls in the Instruments 4 Africa program, giving you a window into their life. Stay tuned.