Festival of the Arts Tominian – April 12 – 23, 2019 – Cercle of Tominan

To the South of Mopti, the Cercle of Tominian in the Segou region shares a boarder with the Cercles of Djenné, Bandiagara, and Bankass. The Cercle of Tominan is composed of Bwa, Mianka, Dafing, Bobofings, Bambara, and Fulani people. The majority of the population still practices traditional religion, and there are also growing Christian and […]

Cultural Caravan de Baniko – Banco | 20 – 30 December 2018

Description The Cercle of Dioila, which is located deep in the heart of Malian cotton country, become a region in 2018 as part of the national decentralization plan put into motion by the Algiers Peace Accord. The population of Dioila, which is part of the geo-cultural zone known as Banico, is dominated by ethnic Bamana […]