Musical Traditions in Mali The Full Playlist

This is a full playlist of the i4Africa series on Musical Traditions in Mali. The following ten vignettes are mini-documentaries about traditional music and dance in Mali in the words of practicing artists and musicians. This series was made possible by a grant from the Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation. A special thanks goes out […]

Musical Traditions in Mali | The Instrument of the Warrior Kings of Mandé

“In past times, I would not point this horsetail at a person who did not make blood flow.” The Bolon (Warrior’s harp) is the instrument of the Warrior Kings of Mandé. While other ethnic groups play a similar instrument, according to Ibrahim Traoré, he is the only person playing the Mandinka Bolon in Mali today. […]

Musical Traditions in Mali | Even at This Hour, There are Djinn in the Bush

The masks of Fadiobougou, In the cultural zone of Djitoumou, serve many purposes. For the Bambara, just hearing the word Djinn is terrifying. The masks imitate things found in the bush. After seeing the imitations, peoples knowledge of it can stop them from panicking. The experience can help you overcome your fear. In the fall, […]