Cultural Preservation & Community Building

girls dance troupe & director Lassy Kone

The instruments4africa dance troupe is going strong, led by Artistic director, Lassy Kone and executive director, Tama Walley.  We have an amazing group of 22 talented young people participating in the program for the 2009-2010 academic year.   The group meets three times weekly after school to train in the traditional music, songs and dances of Mali.

We are also very excited about the weekly English lessons provided by student volunteers from the American International  School of Bamako.  The exchange between the foreign students and the Malian students is fantastic.  Everyone involved continues to be uplifted by the experience.

The young people of the instruments4africa troupe are already being recognized by their peers as leaders in the community.  We have faith this program will give them the confidence and tools they need to help build a more sustainable future.

Soon we will be adding a ‘community health’ component to our program.  This will empower our young leaders to pass on vital lessons to help prevent malaria and other diseases and promote general sanitation.