The I4A girls are receiving hatha yoga and meditation training.

“Greatness is not what you have, it is what you give.” I don’t think this means gifts, or money or even time. I think it means presence…your full attention to the person you are with or the activity you are doing and even with yourself.

How many times have we gone through the motions of life on ‘automatic pilot’? This is the opposite of greatness. Our greatness is giving of ourselves… illuminating the moment with our full attention shifts reality. I’m not talking about some trip into outer limits. I mean next time you are spending time with someone, let go of expectations and be in the moment, notice your breath and heartbeat. Allow the moment to unfold without having ‘to do or change’ anything and see what happens.

I have been taking a mindfulness training for the last 2 months, so these messages are part of my daily diet. What I realized this morning, and why I am reaching out today, is that there is an abundant source of energy that is available to all of us if we so choose. We don’t have to rush to get our share, or hide it once we find it, or hold on tight in fear of losing it. There is enough, in fact plenty, for everyone. This is the tricky part…once you experience it, to keep it, you have to let it go. It is a constant flow of energy….flowing, moving, evolving in every moment.

We have the endurance to say ‘yes’ and mean it. We show up fully and listen. We do not feel the need to be protective of our time and energy coming from a place of scarcity. We sense the limitless quality of the moment and as we widen our perspective, new ideas, solutions and understanding enters our minds. And our hearts open too. We are loving and compassionate to all, not just those to whom we are attached.

I am grateful to the I4A girls and the opportunity they provide for me to share yoga and meditation. I think I was underestimating them by not offering them the meditation, mindfulness training until now. Maybe I was underestimating myself. This organization is about realizing our full potential, the children, the volunteers, me, all of us. Meditation can assist us in getting there.