In the last week I have had several friends ask how instruments4africa came to be.  I explained how going to the Togola Community Center over the years and seeing the kids there, inspired us to start the program.  Put simply, guided by our hearts, our heads figured out a way we could help.

In other words, ‘reality as it is’ became a part of my daily existence.  While I was going about my business, the real world crept into my ordered, organized routine.  The reality beyond my experience overwhelms me sometimes….I feel sad and scared, but I try not to run away.  I can’t turn my back and hide in my neat & tidy bubble.  I cannot not do something.

The glue that holds instruments4africa together is hope.  The girls in the program are happy and hopeful for a future they are entitled to.  I am filled with hope today too.

We have paid for the first two trimesters of school and are currently fundraising to pay for the third.  It cost about $25 USD a month to pay for one girl to go to school, have the proper supplies, get tutored after school and receive training in the traditional arts of Mali.  Please consider making a gift donation this holiday season.  Click here to join us on facebook to get the word out and where you can also make a tax-deductible donation.