Musical Traditions in Mali | Even at This Hour, There are Djinn in the Bush

The masks of Fadiobougou, In the cultural zone of Djitoumou, serve many purposes. For the Bambara, just hearing the word Djinn is terrifying. The masks imitate things found in the bush. After seeing the imitations, peoples knowledge of it can stop them from panicking. The experience can help you overcome your fear. In the fall, if there has been a good harvest, the village prepares the masks to organize the celebration. On that day, everyone is peaceful and and they forget all their grudges. Both old and young respect each other. The masks bring people together, and promote social cohesion.

Function of tradition:
If there is a good a harvest, the people organize the celebration. This celebration promotes peace and social cohesion. The masks prepare people for what they may encounter in the bush, whether it’s the supernatural djinn, or a wild animal. The encounter between the villagers and the masks teach them how to react when the find themselves confronted with an actual situation.
Reason for disappearance: Today, many people are more interested in music from other regions like Wassoulou, and other forms of music, both national and international, that they hear on the radio, television, and Internet. Among the youth, hip-hop is far more popular than traditional music. Nigerian pop music has also become very popular in Mali.