Opportunity Knocks

The coup in Mali on March 22, 2012 was devastating to the country.  The people of Mali are struggling but the attitudes toward life remain positive.  I have been so fortunate to make Mali my home since 2003 and learn from the Malian people.  My life will never be the same.  I am so happy we will be able to return to Mali and continue our projects there!
I have thought a lot about opportunity and how privileged I have been to be able to look back on the wonderful opportunities I have taken and some of the others that I passed up.  I know many people in Mali who have never had an opportunity for advancement.  Can you imagine never having an opportunity to realize your potential?

Instruments 4 Africa is about providing opportunities to underprivileged Malian youth.  We believe in quality education, cultural preservation, and serving the whole individual to have a chance, an opportunity that may assist them in realizing their potential.

Contact me to learn more about volunteer opportunities to be a positive force and provide an opportunity for one of the 12 Malian girls in our program.