Summer!  It is that time of the year when we fundraise for the 2013-2014 school year.  Your donations pay for academic scholarships for the 16 underprivileged girls in the i4a program this year.  We are also fundraising for the remedial education program, tutoring and mentoring and the traditional arts training.  New styles of beautiful West African batik dresses are in the USA and ready for fundraising parties!  Big thank you to Robin & Kathy in San Francisco and Bikram Yoga Dallas for raising more than $1000USD each.  We are two steps closer to our goal of $8000USD.  Please contact me to host a trunk show fundraiser or for more information:

School’s out for summer and this is our time to connect with friends & family and fundraise in the USA. This year we made practical and beautiful tote bags from 100% cotton, African batik prints. With a donation, you receive a great bag and feel good about supporting the education and mentoring of the 12 girls in our program. Robin and Cathy hosted an awesome group of women in San Francisco and raised $500. Thank you, Robin and Cathy!

Sharrie Williams is fundraising through her website,, where you can pick up the #1 beach read, The Maybelline Story, along with a great beach bag. Than you, Sharrie!

I will be at Bikram Yoga Dallas for a fundraiser on Saturday, July 2. Thank you, Karen & David! Come by for a class and pick up your summer tote. The profits go to pay for school tuition, supplies and traditional arts training for the I4A girls. If you can’t make it contact me at to get your limited edition tote!