The time is now

On November 14, 2009, instruments4africa was invited by the mayor to a meeting of high officials for ‘Commune 5’…this is the community we work in.

Everyone agreed that no matter how impoverished the community is, Mali’s  best resource is its rich culture and this must be handed down to our young people. With city officials behind the program, we hope to increase awareness, create stability and be able to serve more children in need.

With the recent support of friends in the USA, we have established an emergency medical fund and can get malaria meds to kids before the situation gets dangerous.
Big thank you to our donors!

The yoga program is taking shape and we will soon be including the greater community into the yoga classes. In these conditions, the benefits are basic…the yoga practice helps strengthen the immune system and helps people sleep better.

Paul Chandler (instruments4africa) & Mayor Commune 5, Karim Togola