Musical Traditions in Mali | Stars of the Bobo Balafon instruments4africa

“With music you speak to people. You touch their hearts and bring them joy.” Bassidi Kone with his father Madou and brother Khalifa. Bobo musicians from the region of Segou, Cercle of San.

The is the second in a collection of short films exploring
Endangered Musical Traditions and Essential Related Art-Forms
in Mali.

Produced & Directed by Paul Chandler
Director of Photography, Video & Sound Editing: Brian David Melnyk
Production Coordinator, Still Photography, Translation : Amsatou Diallo
Sound Recording: Kouassi Konan

Embedded in the songs, stories and ceremonies that are interpreted by artists and accompanied by traditional instruments, are lessons that advise or remind people about what is important in life. They explain the origins of interethnic cooperation and family ties, and dictate appropriate behavior in disputes and reconciliation strategies.